Monday, January 26, 2015

Sex Talk In Relationships Part 1

          Among many topics to be discussed in a relationship is Sex. Every adult knows one or two things about the topic either through books, discussions, movies etc. But what really is sex talk in relationships like?
It is a productive sharing of ideas, facts and knowledge about sex in order to clear doubts, fears, myths and misconceptions and to bring the two parties in courtship to the same platform regardless of what their sex lives have being like in the past. Sorry, if that sentence is too long.
In short, it is a communication between both parties of their idea of sex and their expectations of it in marriage. It is not meant to stir up emotions, far from it, or neither is it to be done frivolously.  Its intent is to bring the duo to a mutual understanding of it. Thus creating building a good foundation ahead of marriage.
         God intends sex to be between a man and a woman who has been joined together in God's way through an authority.  Only in that way will it bring joy and and not pain and regret.
The first man, Adam knew his Eve wife.  Notice it says wife not his fiancee or just a lady on the street.
Samson who knew just any lady has stories to tell about it.  It was not a pleasant story though.
         Each person has an idea of what sex in marriage is. For some, the idea brings confidence, while for others it brings mixed feelings of fear and uncertainty.  The female gender tends to have fear and uncertainties especially if she is a virgin. However, being a virgin is a blessing. There is nothing wrong being a virgin regardless of what the decadent society thinks about it.  Virginity brings dignity.
If you are still a virgin, keep it until you are married because you will definitely find the right person who cherish it.
Sex talk brings the two parties to the same level of understanding and expectation.  It is really important to discuss if one party has been sexually active  before meeting the other person who has not.
The party that is sexually active tends to have a high expectation of the other person but this is expected to be discussed  and a common ground reached...to be continued in the next post.

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