Friday, January 30, 2015

Sex Talk in Relationships Pt 2

Welcome to the part 2 of Sex talk in relationships
         Each person need to tell the other party his or her expectations about sex in marriage are.  This cannot be overemphasized.  Marriage Statistics shows that one of the significant issues in marriage is the lack of the understanding of sex.
Intending couples are to obtain significant knowledge in this area.  Both of them need to share this knowledge. That is the essence of the talk.  There are books that deal effectively with it. One of them that I will recommend for those intending to get married is Act of Marriage by Tim and Beverly Lahaye.
The authors are experienced counselors having help couples over the years to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. They are experts in matters relating to love relationships.  They have help lot of people build a happy relationship.  Why should sex issues in relationship bring and frustration when it can be prevented?  Sex in marriage shouldn't be an issue when it is discussed.
         Kemi (not real name) got married at 25 as a virgin. All this while she had nursed the mindset that her first night with his man will be hell for her. Each time she thinks about her sex life after wedding her heartbeats increase.  She equally thinks she will not be able to satisfy her partner.
Then one day his fiance insisted they talk about how their sex life was going to be when they get married. She expressed her mind to her fiance who was mature and had acquired some knowledge in that regard. Good of her. The fiance was glad to know that her fiancee did not hide the myth of  being a virgin before marriage. He assured her and told her measures that will be taken to handle their first night intimacy.
He equally planned that they talk to their marriage counselor about it.
There is nothing as good in relationship as two people being able to freely share their thoughts with each other without fear of criticism or rejection. Kemi shares her story after marriage and she is happy with her sex life.
If you have got issues unresolved about sex which can either directly or indirectly affect your marriage sex life, it is high time you discussed it with your partner and a trusted authority over your relationship.
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