Monday, August 1, 2016

Good Night To Timothy LaHaye

It is no longer news that Tim LaHaye, the famous author of Left Behind series has gone to be with the Lord.
I personally knew him for his books, Opposite Attract, Why You Act the Way You Do and How To Be Happy Through Marriage.

God used him to help couples build a family that is in line with God's will and carry His glory.
He was a man that preached the truth, read the truth, spoke the truth, studied the truth, did the truth, acted the truth,
He came for his generation and impacted it.

Just like King David, the Jewish King, he served his generation until his final breath.
His life I believe is a challenge to this generation to which I belong.
If he did as much as that in his generation, how much more now that advancement in technology provides a better platform. If you are reading this, I want to tell you that this generation awaits you.

Although Tim is gone, yet he still speaks through the life he lived and the inspired works he left behind.  What has God sent you to do for this generation? There is more to life than eating, sleeping, watch movies or go to functions. These are not bad though, they are necessary but there is more to you than these. You are more than these. Yes you are.
You are more than merely surviving. Jesus says he has come to give us life and life more abundantly.
Do you believe that?

You don't have to necessarily be a writer like Tim or a preacher to make impact in your generation.
Whatever you are doing to contribute to what God is doing on earth is your means of impact. Do it well and faithfully.

Good night to Timothy Lahaye.
May our lives inspire others just like Tim's.

Thanks for reading. Till another time, live an inspired life.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Someone shared this article with me on the social media and as a father-to-be, I find it inspirational. I hope you also find it useful.
I could not keep it to myself anymore. I drove all the way to Dad's office and confessed to him I was in love with a young lady.

He asked for her name and description. He kept smiling. We prayed together and trusted God for His leading. Dad did not say a word.

Two days after my wife said "Yes" to my proposal, I told both dad and mum as a birthday gift for him.

Mum smiled and said, "Months earlier when your father went to preach in the Corpers Fellowship, he saw her and the Holy Spirit told him, "Eyi ki a n se iyawo omo re bi?" (Isn't she the wife of your son?). I was the only unmarried son. He kept his fingers crossed till I told him. Yet he did not utter a word but he knew already.

I want to talk to men: You MUST be the priest of your home. Nothing must happen without your knowing. If your wife is the one waking you up for family devotion and setting the pace, something is wrong with you!

You must have charted the course of your children in prayer. Call them by name in prayer and prophecy over them. Bless your wife daily. Lay hands on her before you step out.

What makes a man is far beyond finance and romance- you must be a man of prayer! Nothing must happen in your home until you permit it (not by stubborn conducts but prayers).

Brother, if you are unmarried now and you are not learning to pray, you are living like a spiritual gambler saying "what will be will be"; you better wake up, smell the coffee. Stop sleeping like a log of wood. Wake up at night. Blast in tongues by the Spirit. Take on the Word and confess it. Do not leave your future home to chance. Marriage is not a ludo game.

Fathers and fathers to be, take your place. Build finance. Learn Romance but Exercise your Spirit and take your place.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You are important!

You are important. Yes i just said that. Do you know that is how God sees you? But do you really see yourself like that? I know you might have made terrible mistakes in the past. You might have made some irrepairable errors and all the experiences left you empty and downcast. But do you remember what the Word Says in Isaiah 35 vs 3 'Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.' 

 Regardless of your life mistakes and errors, you are still important. Now you might ask me in what ways are you important? Firstly, you are important because you are alive. A living dog is better than a dead lion. Yes. You are better than those than have died.

You are important because there is a purpose for you to fulfil. God is ever waiting for you to come to the full realization of this.

Secondly, many are waiting for your manifestation. There are so many who will not find their importance if you do notcome to the awareness of youri mportance to God.

You might have grown up among family members who have no clue about who you are and even among people who doesnt know how the values you carry, nevertheless you can always give yourself the right mental image.

I just want to remind you that you should not let yourself go but aspire to be the best you can in the area of your importance and uniqueness.

Till another time, take yourself serious, encourage yourself, be the best you can be because you are important.