Monday, April 11, 2016

Kingdom Wealth Is For You

The word of God says God gives us the power to get wealth.   
Wealth  is something much more greater than money.  Money is the least form of wealth. The Holy Spirit is our greatest wealth.
After Jesus ascended into heaven he promised us the Holy spirit who would guide us into truth and teach us all things.
 The power to get wealth is through the power of the Holy Spirit. Every born again child of God is entitled to the Holy Spirit and therefore Kingdom wealth.  It is for you.
Kingdom wealth is available to sons and daughters in the kingdom.  It is the promise of the Father. God always fulfill his promise.  If you in the kingdom already, I want to remind you that kingdom wealth is your entitlement.   Poverty is not of God but of the devil to limit the influence of sons and daughters of God.
Make up your mind to be wealthy.

Take time to study scriptures that talks about kingdom wealth, meditate on them and obey the instructions the Holy Spirit gives you.  Start manifesting kingdom wealth in you life.
Till another time, go and win with Jesus.

Image source: kingdom wealth project site.