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Hello, you are so lovely today. Thanks for coming around.

Let me share this quote with you. It is from my Spiritual father,Rev. Olusola Areogun.
'The relationship that GOD brings into your life should make you stronger and fit for the purpose of GOD and not tear you apart.' Emphasis mine.

Hmm. Ponder on that and you can learn something from it too.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two Gifts Women Have That Men Can't Stand

Hello there, I will like to share this based on my observation and the wisdom that can be found in it. 
The time when men overlook their women is over. Women are known to have evolved far beyond their traditional role of cooking and raising children.
They now take responsibilities that were once supposedly to be men's.
This is in no way downplaying a man's role in the society but to see what natural gifts women has that gives them an advantage.
Although, there is no basis for comparing men and women, it will be good to look into women's inherent abilities. They are designed for a purpose.

Firstly, the gift of the mouth.  This is a natural gift that men see in women and they can't match.  Men sometimes conclude in their mind that that is the only thing women have and nothing more. 

However, there is something more to it that can ever be imagined.  It is beyond reason and since men find it difficult to embrace something beyond reason.

Women's verbal complexity is really an advantage that men can not unravel.  
Ability to report situations with details, ease of establishing relationships are just few of the credits that can be given to this gift.

In marketing, this gift is so wonderful that employers commonly employ ladies for this purpose. 
This may not be true of all women though but applies to most women.  While some women have actually harnessed this gift creatively, Oprah Winfrey, being a good example,some have failed to do so.
Unfortunately, for men that are surrounded by women who are not using this gift well, their conclusion will be that women have the gift of the mouth but not for creativity.

Secondly, the gift of the brain.  I personally think that someone who is gifted in words must also be gifted in brain which controls speech. The ability to think fast is what women has that still baffles men. The the wiring of women's brain is complex, so they can multi-task than men.  In today's labour market, which skill is in high demand if not the ability to multi-task?
You  get my point.  Women can no longer be overlooked.  Who would overlook women that are now increasingly taking up leadership positions in companies, government establishments, religious institutions etc.
I work with a large company owned by a woman who equally has investments in other business. It is just one of the many companies in the industry owned by a woman. And this list extends to other industries in the country.

The number of Fortune 500 women increased between 1998 and 2014 as reported by fortune.com. This is no surprise as it only proves that evolution that women are undergoing.  This is a challenge that men need to adjust to and not to resist. What I believe is that these women are assets to men who gets married to them.  Men should not see them as competitors as they are not one. Men need to develop capacities and relevance if they must not feel inferior.

Despite women's gifts and special abilities, men that has developed capacities and relevance will always have a place and relevance wherever they are. Men's leadership cannot be substituted for anything and this starts from the home.  
Surely men cannot stand these gifts, however they can make use of it to complement themselves. A man's wisdom doesn't lie in competing with a woman but establishing a relationship that would make the woman easily want to corporate for the purpose of achieving a goal.  Such goals can be personal or corporate.

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Jide Alo

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A hunter or a gardner Part 2

Hello readers, thanks for taking your time to read the concluding part of this topic I started some weeks ago.
So I am still talking about what a man becomes in the process of time with regards to how he handles his fiancee or wife. Whether he is becoming a hunter or a gardener.
Whichever one he becomes in the process of time will be evident in his partner.

Segun and Dayo were friends and they got into relationship about thesame time.
While Segun was loving God and nurturing his fiancee in the way of the Lord and giving her attention when she needed it, Dayo was always seeing fault in what her fiancee does. He does not show her good leadership, neither did he bring out the best out of his fiancee.

After both of them had been married, Segun and his wife were committed to God, so were their children. Segun's wife is loving to all including unlovable in-laws.
However, Dayo's wife has become unloving and contentious in the house. Not willing to be committed to the things of God. The house is always 'hot'. The children are confused.
Many things had gone wrong down the lane. 
These happened to Dayo's home as a result of the man he became. A hunter.
Hunters dont get more than what they get at the moment they kill their game.
On the other hand, a gardner invests in what he has at hand and wait until the time he will begin to have 'return on his investment'. His investment attracts praise, glory and commendation.

The grace of God is available for every man who will choose to be a gardner today. 
The kind of man God wanted Adam to be. God helps the man with weaknesses who come before him surrendered. 
To all men reading this, may God help you to become all what He has planned that you become.
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Jide Alo

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The only thing perfect about marriage is the airbrushed wedding photo... Anonymous.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laws of Marriage(8)

When a man marries wrong, 80% of his life is gone and the same applies to a woman. This is the reason everyone, married or single must pay attention to the laws of marriage.  Do research on them, study more about them and pray them into your life so that you can live them and enjoy your life to the fullest.
Law of GENES and ANCESTRY:  Everybody has capacity in their gene to behave like their ancestry if GOD does not intervene. What breaks the law of the gene is the DNA that we receive in the kingdom through discipleship. If your discipleship is not strong, your ancestry will dominate your home. Marriage does not stop promiscuity if it is in your natural ancestry, but discipleship can. If you violate and react against the laws of the kingdom, you will empower negative ancestral flows in your life.
Law of AGREEMENT: Why do you disagree with your spouse? Can you submit to him? If you can’t submit to your husband, is it an attitude or witchcraft? You don’t need to agree with your spouse emotionally but by knowledge. The ultimate identity of the wife flows from the husband. The power of agreement shuts the enemy out of your affairs and brings your children under supernatural protection.
Law of MULTIPLICATION: "One shall chase a thousand and two shall chase ten thousand." When a man does not carry his wife along, there is a blind side that the devil will be able to hit them from. You are not designed to face each other to fight but to back each other to fight the enemy. The boxing glove is for the enemy. The enemy is outside and not within. Every quarrel in the family empowers the devil against you and your children. Also, when you look together, you will see life in 3600. Your wife will pick the enemy you can’t see in a woman and among your friends. Develop a mutual respect for each other and each other’s views.  However, do not join each other to do evil. 

Law of MINISTRY: Every partner is in ministry and every marriage is a mission for God. Let your children form their opinion about people on their own. Don’t discuss people in their presence especially in the light of the hurts you have received. Hide your wound from your children. Let them see the good side of life. May the Lord prosper your home in Jesus name.
Prayer: Lord, I receive a fresh baptism of the spirit of wisdom to apply the laws of marriage for my good in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Laws of Marriage(7)

Whoever chooses to break the laws of life only ends up breaking himself. There is therefore serious wisdom in obeying the laws of life to obtain the desired results. We will continue to examine the laws that make marriage work.
Law of CHANGE: Some things must remain constant. Love, honor and respect must not change though body shape and status may change. You must change your mind to accommodate the changes that life will bring to each of you as you grow older.
Law of SPACE: Practice giving each other space regularly. Give yourselves some space by both of you going somewhere on vacation. Let your spouse be alone sometimes. You are married permanently but practice the law of space as this will help you remain fresh and creative.
Law of QUALIFICATION: Every high office has qualifications. In the same way, the position of a husband or wife has qualifications that each must strive to attain to.
Most marriages that need a lot of counseling are marriages of born again people that do not have a Christian marriage and unbelievers that want to have a Christian marriage. Don’t let your spouse enjoy staying outside. You can stay in a wrong marriage for a lifetime but you will be giving wrong templates to your children. Every male starts as a son in a home and grows to become a man, husband and then father. Family headship influences the society in many ways. Marriage is designed for a man that knows God. A man must be in a condition to hear the assignment of God for his family. If a woman finds it difficult to follow a man, there may be error in the choice of marriage partner. If your husband is not spiritual enough, allow him to come under strong leadership and grow. Most marital problems will be solved if there is another person to tell you what to do and both of you agree to obey. Allow the man to be the head that God designed him to be; once you see the head, just follow. The children will be the beneficiary of such headship. The man must ensure that he grows to be a man that is worthy of follower-ship. You are supposed to take your family from glory to glory. 
Prayer: Lord, let your hand rest on my life to become a doer of these principles and get God’s kind of marriage and home in my life. Anoint me for these kingdom patterned experiences in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Laws of Marriage(6)

We will continue to examine the laws that should govern biblical marriage if you will enjoy it and endure it.

Law of HONOUR: Honour what God has honoured.  It is heresy for a man to tell his wife that is not the only woman in town.  Honour means, to set a value on.  Calling your spouse Daddy or Mummy is honour and respect.  You can use pet names but don't let it be devoid of honor and respect.  When you marry, put your wife in the place of a mother.  She is not displacing or replacing your mother but she must be a mother to your children.  Your mother will nor let your wife be, if you don't draw the line.  When your wife and mother are affecting your marriage it is devastating on the future and will affect your children.  Something is also wrong with you as a man, if that happens in your home.  Your mother has no right to tell you how to arrange your house except witchcraft as take her over.

Law of RESPONSIBILITY: You must know what your responsibilities are.  It is two becoming one and not one divided into two.  Discuss your responsibilities with your spouse fro clarity and focus.  Whatever you were before marriage, discuss with each other.  You are responsible for your parents but a parent that waits for his children to work before he eats is under a curse.  For your grandparents, think of what you can afford.  You are responsible directly for your family, children and your parents.  You are not responsible directly to sponsor the school fees of the children of your step mother or father. You must be a biblical manager of the family fund to have a joint purse. Every child requires a special care from their parents before they can be normal.  You can't treat other children in your house as equal to your child and have your child normal.
You are responsible for your child's emotional development.  Your child needs to be special to you.

Law of BEING THE  RIGHT PERSON: Stop looking for the right person in marriage; you must be the right person.  What does god need me to be for this marriage to work and what does my spouse need me to be?  The biggest mistake is trying to change the other person.  Change what your spouse is complaining about the most.  Everybody can write 10 things that their spouse needs to change but can hardly complete a list of 10 things they need to change.  Marriage will work if you know what you need to change and you change it.  This is simply the act of not being selfish in the relationship.

Prayer: Father, bless these words in my heart and let it bring forth fruits in my life so that I will not disappoint your expectation in my life and family in Jesus' name. Amen.

Source: www.spiritmeat.net

Laws of Marriage(5)

One of the things God has anointed are the laws that govern the operation of a profitable and blissful marriage.  We shall continue to examine more of the laws of marriage.

Law of LANGUAGE and COMMUNICATION: Don't ever attack your spouse verbally.  Separate the person from the issue.  When it touches your spouse, let it be the communication of love. 
Stop treating your wife like a property that you bought.  75% of your blessing comes when you treat God's daughter well.  Use the law of language to build a powerful relationship with your spouse.  Build intimacy and trust with good use of words.  Decide today that communication in your home will be to improve your love life and help each other.

Law of SOWING and REAPING:  Your spouse is a soil. By nature women are sacrificial.  It is very unusual for a woman to be stingy and selfish.  Marriage is a calling to the life of a farmer, there is a season of sowing and reaping. Every couple and even single must understand this law and approach it with seriousness.  
You cannot reap what you have not sown.  Every man is called into husbandry i.e. cultivation and sowing. How beautiful your marriage becomes is a function of what you decide to sow into each other' s lives.  Great marriages are not created but built.  You can also resolve to stop tearing each other apart and complaining about what is lacking in your spouse and rather start sowing good seeds into each other.

Law of ADAPTABILITY: You must adapt to each other, stop trying to change him.  God will not change your husband or your wife even when you pray about it, but He will change you in order to adapt to the relationship.  Always ask yourself these questions: What must I become for this home to work exceptionally?  What areas of adjustment do I need to focus on so as to be the man or woman that will suit my spouse to make this marriage work?  This is the secret of adaptation!

Prayer: Father , I pray for the wisdom and patience for practical application of the law of language, sowing and reaping and adaptability in my relationship and marriage so as to experience your desire in my home in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Laws of Marriage(4)

Today we will continue to examine the practical laws that make marriage enjoyable.

The law of DEFINITION: Your definition of marriage must be correct. 
Marriage is a divine joining and covenant.  It is not cohabiting, a business arrangement or a family arrangement.  It is not a union proposed by man but God.  It is between a man and a woman and not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Once your definition is in alignment with that of the maker then you are on the road to divine maximization of the blessings of marriage.

The Law of DIFFERENCES: You must understand that men and women are different in everything.  Women speak for fellowship, men speak for information.  If your wife reports a case to you, separate her feeling from the fact.  A woman will tell you what she wants you to hear and not to solve: men listen for conclusion and facts.  A man is like a kerosene fire sexually while a woman is like a charcoal.  
A woman is moved by what she hears but a man is moved by what he sees. The body changes differently.  Men have more bones and muscles so they are stronger than women.  A man wants to be practical but a woman wants to be more beautiful.  When building a house, the man should do the building while the woman decorates the house.  The understanding of this law will help you take advantage of your differences to build up your home such that each one compliments the other.

The Law of LOVE: You must understand what love is to both of you and apply it.  Love gives what the other wants and not what you want.  A woman wants hug without sex, but a man wants hug for sex.  Communication and giving of gifts are expressions of love.  Expressing vocally your love is what a woman appreciates.  Women express love in words and emotions but men express love by actions.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Sube's Characteristics

Laws Of Marriage(3)

GENESIS 2:8-25 ECC. 4:9-11
You cannot impose another set of laws on a game that already has its own laws.
Pains in marriage are warning signals of imposing wrong rules in marriage.  The institution of marriage has more laws than that of love.  It is better for a man to marry a woman that is five years younger than one who is older.  A man must carry and develop leadership force and capacity.  If a man does not have the leadership capacity and development to handle his wife, he will be sowing the seed of divorce.  Love will not make up for the shortages that come from foolish decisions made by a man that his wife is wiser than.  

A pastor cannot apply the rule of submission in this case because after some time the woman will drop the Bible.  Submission by a wife will require a leadership force in place in the husband.  There is a difference between a Christian marriage and other marriages.  It is like a Christian singing gospel music and a worldly musician singing gospel music.  It takes more than fine face to make marriage work.
You may be born again and not have a Christian marriage, but an unbeliever may submit to the laws instituted by God and enjoy his marriage.

Below are some of the Laws of Marriage I will be sharing with you today:

The Law of The WORD of GOD: Every issue in marriage can be handled by the word of God.  The word of God must be the beginning and ending of every issue in that marriage.  This is a major decision that everyone in  marriage must take- to operate marriage by the Law of the Word of God.

The Law of LORDSHIP: Jesus must be the LORD of the life of the individuals involved in marriage.  You should trust JESUS in each other.  An individual will be a victim if the other partner starts leaving Jesus.  You cant monitor or restrict a man from sinning.  It is the fear of the Lord that keeps him from sin.

The Law of PURPOSE:  You must understand God's purpose for marriage. The major help an individual needs to make it in life will be in his spouse. God brings differences together.  What I have and what I lack. Respect flows along the channels if differences and not similarity.  It is not pride to ask for help. It is an attack from the devil to need help and not know it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Laws Of Marriage(2)

GENESIS 2:8-25, ECC. 4:9-11
The devil as a merchant will always attack what God put in place to make you better.  If you are married and your marriage is not good, you are not a sound human being.  You can always make your marriage work by going back to the maker.

A man will fail if he did not allow his wife to function as help.  Your wife is a completion of your spirit.  If you don't treat your spouse correctly, your marriage will suffer and such women or men will function lesser than planned.  It is better to stay single than marry and not work out the marriage well.  A person in a wrong marriage is lesser than a single person.

Better means superior, greater, and stronger than singleness except when such a single person has the gift  of celibacy.  Celibacy is as supernatural as working of miracles. There is no school of celibacy, hence it is not a thing to learn or desire; it is only given supernaturally by God.

In Understanding the Laws of marriage, there are basic things you must know.

  • Life already operates by laws.  Like the law of money which is a law of exchange.  Only a thief collects something without giving something in exchange. 
  • We cannot break the laws of life; we only break ourselves when we try to.
  • You cannot choose the rules of the game; you can only choose the game. You inherit the rules of the game by that choice.  Your birth by God has choice inherited for you.  As you grow, you are responsible for the rules accompanying the choices you make. You must  remember that the laws of life don't threat violation kindly.
So many homes end in divorce and chaos today because they violate the conditions that the maker already set for marriage.  If  we must live blissfully in our homes and become better, then we must embrace the laws of marriage, understand it and live by it.  May home be a heaven on earth and may it be a place for raising Kingdom generals for your generation in Jesus' name.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Laws of Marriage(1)

Marriage is God's cardinal program for man on the earth.  If you don't have the gift of celibacy from God, you will be violating a critical law of creation, one that your body will be reacting against if you refuse to marry.  Most people approach marriage with high expectations and low preparation, hence they get little from it.
God is the founder of marriage and so marriage is a divine idea.  When you do practices without an understanding of the underlying principle, you will produce mediocrity and several problems.  In the original purpose of God fro marriage, marriage was designed for help.  Every maker always has the purpose for his design in mind.  You can use an item against the design of the maker or you can maximize the item by discovering the maker's original intentions for the design.

A single man is not sufficient or satisfactory to heaven until he marries.  Help meet; suited, adaptable and complimentary are words the scriptures use to describe a wife.
Marriage is done to complement and not to compete. A man will not be complete until he finds his wife.

The question every adult must answer is , "WHO IS MY SECOND TO MAKE ME BETTER?" 
You must settle it clearly. According to God's plan for human beings, "two are better than one..." and "it is not good for a man to be alone" are laws in the kingdom.
You will need partnership in business, ministry and life.  No one will carry the same effect as your wife or husband.  Your spouse in your life is not the same in effect as a business partner.  Only death can separate you in marriage safely; any other separation cannot be safe.  Marriage is like an omelet, each individual partner cannot be whole again.  There is life after divorce but a divorced man or woman is not the same as a single man.  It will take more effort for a divorced man or woman to make a second marriage work than a single person person going into marriage for the first time.

There are people that are divorced before God but not divorced physically.  Polygamy is divorce before God.  Your choice of marriage partner will reflect your great  wisdom or great error.  As a single person reading this today, it is a call to get it right and maximize the benefit of marriage while for married people, it is an opportunity to make it right and be the right spouse that will fulfill the intention of God in your home.

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