Monday, January 12, 2015

Dating Versus Courtship

Does God really intend us to try out many people before we reach the choice of a partner?
Is Dating the same as courtship?
Can't I just be trying as many ladies or young men till I find the one that suits me?
Do I have to submit myself to an authority when I make my choice?

Considering how relationships began in the scriptures, each person must first come to the realization that each relationship is important to God.  God wants to be at the beginning of it. He wants to use EVERY relationship as his tool to accomplish something greater and bigger than each individual can ever imagine. When Abraham and Sarah's relationship started, they wouldn't have ever imagined that in their seed would all the nations of the earth be blessed and that generations to come would refer to them as the father and mother of faith.
Aquilla and Prisicilla in the new testament were two people whose relationship was used of God to make impact on the early church. Paul the Apostle who never married refers to them giving a good report of them to a church.
      Courtship starts in God and with a purpose clearly stated. It is subjected to the right authority for accountability.
      Dating on the other hand is a 'love' relationship between a male and a female that never has a plan to bear responsibility or fulfill God's purpose. It only utilizes the romantic and emotional part of the duo.
Dating says "I dont even know if you are the best for me, but let me experiment with you for some time. If I don't get what I want then off I go.'  It is self-centered and short-sighted. In most cases, it equates love with sex.
      I am writing this to the few who wants to achieve the best for their life and who will become inspirations to others. Let your relationship follow rules and order. Let everything be done decently and in order, so says the scriptures. Only an orderly relationship becomes a great and inspiring one.  One to be envied and which commands respect.
I encourage you to be disciplined in the choice of your partner and be satisfied with the one you find. Godliness with contentment is a great gain.
God is more willing to give you the best than you want to have. So choose courtship. The love relationship that culminates into marriage and not romance or self gratification. You are meant to honour your partner and make him or her better than when you met.
In the midst of moral decadence, while values are being eroded, choose to be a standard. It may cost a price. But it worths it in the end.
Thanks for reading this. I will like to hear your comments.

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