Friday, July 17, 2015

What You Need to Know about Christian Courtship

Hello, I found this article somewhere and I want to share it with you. Read and get more wisdom on courtship.


This Is An Excerpt From A Book Written By Bro Gbile Akanni Titled “Building A Fulfilling Marital Relationship” And It Goes Thus: Marriage Is Originally God’s Idea And He Alone Knows The Partner, The Uniquely Suitable Partner He Has Prepared For Each Of His Children. It Is Very Important To Pray Therefore For God’s Leading And Choice Before Making A Move To Propose To A Christian Sister Or To Agree With A Christian Brother In Marriage. However, It Is Very Clear In The Scriptures That A Child Of God Should Not Marry An Unbeliever.

Having Made The Right Choice, The Next Stage Is That Of Courtship. At The Point When A Christian Sister And Brother Mutually Confirm To Each Other The Leading Of God In Their Hearts As Future Marriage Partners, The Period Of Courtship Begins. Again, A Christian Courtship Is The Time-Gap Between The Day Of Agreement Of A Brother And Sister Regarding God’s Leading For Marriage To

Each Other, And The Day Of Wedding When The Revelation Is Practically Fulfilled.



Abstain From Fornication. Your Partner Is God’s Property, God’s Temple; So Are You. Do Not Go Beyond Boundaries. Treat Each Other As A Brother And As A Sister With All Purity.

Anyone Who Defiles The Temple Of God, Him Shall God Destroy. This Period Is To Prove Your Faithfulness. Do Not Use Your Today To Spoil Your Tomorrow. Be Holy Even As Your Heavenly Father Is Holy.


Christian Courtship Is Not A Period For Idleness And Redundancy. It Is A Period Of Conscious Preparation Of The Two Lives For The Call Of Marriage. These Can Be Achieved

Through Personal And Corporate Study Of God’s Word And Prayers Combined With Very Sincere, Honest And Open Discussions


(a) Discuss How The Period Of Courtship Can Be Used And Focused To Achieve God’s Purpose Of Helping The Man To Accomplish The Work Committed Unto His Hands By The Lord. Prayers Must Be Made Throughout Courtship And It Is Often Amazing To Discover While Praying And Discussing With Each Other That The Call That God Revealed And Placed On The Brother Is The Same As That Of The Sister. That Further Confirms God’s Leading More Strongly In Your Hearts Towards Each Other.

(b) How Can We Use The Period Of Courtship To Prepare For Childbearing? It Is During Courtship That Any Previous Lifestyle That May Affect Childbearing Should Be Discussed With Each Other As Children Of Light. It Is Dangerous To Hide Such Things At This Point Only To Open It Up After Wedding. Prayerfully

Discuss With And Forgive Each Other. It May Shake Your Relationship Is Born Of God, It Will

Overcome The Shaking.

(c) Using Courtship Time In Preparing To Produce Godly Seed. God Desires That Each Christian Home Will Bring Forth Godly Seed,

Not Seeds That Will Multiply Iniquity On Earth.

More Importantly, There Is A “Godly Seed” That God Desires, A Unique Offspring; Something Godly Springing Forth From Your

Marriage. This A Project. Pray And Prepare Towards Satisfying The Desire Of God. And If Both Of You Are Able To Know It And Understand It Early In Courtship, Start Preparing For Its Fulfillment.

(d) Prepare Yourselves Towards Handling Of Finances And Other Resources: Discuss Prayerfully And Agree On How To Handle Finances In Your Home. Pray And Start Practicing This Even If On A Small Scale Without Necessarily Having A Joint Bank Account.

This Is All I’ll Be Sharing On This But If You Really Want To Know Everything Concerning Christian Courtship And Even Those Relating

On How To Discuss And Prepare Towards Having Complete Sexual Satisfaction In Marriage, How To Handle Visits And Outings, When To Get Your Pastors And People Who Oversee Your Lives Spiritually, Christian Wedding, Etc.


Friday, July 10, 2015

The Love of God Constrains Us

Hello there, have you ever considered how powerful the love of God is?
The sacrificial love, the kind that is selfless and genuine.
This is the kind of love God asks us to live by everyday of our lives.  
2 Cor 5 vs 14 says For the love of Chris constrains us. Another version puts it this way: For Christ's love compels us. On our own, we would do what seems right in our sight.
However, when we receive the love of God into our hearts our actions and thoughts become guided by the love of Christ. In other words, our motivation switches from selfishness to love-motivated.
Check what you do today and ask yourself; Is it self-motivated or Christ love-motivated?
Would Christ have died for me and you if not for the love that compelled him to leave his glory and became flesh? Love in action!
Would God forgive us our terrible acts when we ask for forgiveness if not for his love that passes human understanding?
Friends, there is a wake-up call to accept the love of Christ and live by it. While there are many things that have replaced people's love for God: money, women, fashion, beauty, power, fame and fortune. God's eyes still run to and fro through the entire world to see who will embrace his love.
Let it be me and you that God would still find among the multitude. 

Further reading: John 3

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James's Indifference; Lois's Pain

Are you in love with your lady (fiancee) and you have been excited loving her but all of a sudden your love and excitement to see her, chat with her or call her died? Well you are not alone. Or are you a lady and your man is not as interested again, well don't give up. Just read this.

James (not real name) will be 30 in a couple of months. He works in the bank and he is in a loving relationship with Lois (nrm) who is a pharmacist working in another town. 
Both of them are Christians and are committed to serving God. 
They have been courting for 2 years and have kept their chastity with each other.

However, in recent times Lois discovers that James's attention for her have reduced. His twice-a-day calls have reduced to once in three days. He used to initiate a chat with her on bbm but now she has to ping him before he talks.
Their communication became more like a chore rather than a pleasurable exchange of information between lovers.
This continued for sometime and was of a great concern to Lois.
Lois had on several occasions tried to solve this sudden lost of interest and indifference she observed with her love but all to no avail.  In fact, her attempts have turned to arguments rather than proffering a solution.

James on the other hand knew his attitude to Lois had changed dramatically from good to worse and was getting worse daily. His feelings for his fiancee was not what he used to have when they started.
But sadly enough, he could not explain why it was so.  He just hoped things would be okay by itself.

Mainwhile their prayer and bible study life has also been negatively imparted partly due to their inability to see frequently

One day, Lois decided to engage James in an unusual chat to know what exactly was going on in James's life and thought pattern. She had to remind James of their promise to each other to always communicate issues and not to hold back anything.
To their surprise, the discuss became so hot as James began to fire words at Lois about her weaknesses, lack of good judgement, incompetence among other things.
Lois almost cried her heart out hearing those words of attack from James her fiance.  The question on her mind was why did James not bring up the issue for a talk all the while his attitude changed.

Lois felt really bad.  She felt worthless and useless to her fiance and in a relationship that is 2 years old with marriage in view.

However, the incident imparted so much on James too that he had to come back to himself and ask how on earth he could speak so roughly to his cherished fiancee.  He asked himself what has really gone wrong.
He had a prick in his heart. God told him of how important Lois was to his life and purpose,
And should in case Lois leave, he would have to pay for it.
The fear of such warning gripped his heart that he had to repent of his acts and changed his attitude to Lois,
James decided to leave his busy schedules to visit Lois in her town where she works. He had to apologise for what happened over the chat and promised to change for the better.

Lois was so happy about this that she renewed her commitment to James to help me achieve all that God has called him to do.
And their relationship continued happily for another 5 months after which they got wedded.

James constantly studies the word of God to renew his mind so it does not harbour wrong thoughts against his wife. Lois also studies the word so she can continue to respect James for who he is.

That is the end of the story.