Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is He an Acquaintance, Friend or a Potential?

 Life is designed in such a way that we meet people from time to time.  Every person needs to define the level of his/her relationship with the opposite sex as he or she meets them.  The advent of the social media has provided a large platform where people from anywhere in the world can meet one another. Thus  a huge network of relationship is created.
         However, it is necessary to define your relationship.  A young man can easily think because a that lady greets him well or show love in a certain way, will be good for a love relationship. Or a young lady can easily mistaken the care of a young man for his interest in her.
Here comes the question? Is this person we seem to be close and communicating with just an acquaintance or a good friend or may be he or she fits our life purpose and our 'standard'?

Many singles usually mistake being close to the other party a 'divine' arrangement in getting a life partner.
I am not saying such arrangement can't connect you with your partner but it shouldn't be the preoccupation of the mind in the day to day affairs. 
      The mind should be focused on personal development and how to make a positive impact. For example, a student should focus on getting good grades in school rather than anticipating meeting a partner. Excellence provides a good foundation for love relationship.
It is not strange that so many young people are not excelling in their job or employment because their minds and energy is focused searching for a match.They leave their employers wondering why they are not productive at work.
       There are people who will only be your acquaintances. You relate well with them but they are not as close as a friend.
       There are those who will be friends.  They add value to your life and want the best for you. You also add values to them. Nothing more.
       There is the person you are convinced you have found who will partner with you for life journey.
       Here is a point to note: Life brings acquaintances and friends into our lives so we can learn how to treat our partners before they arrive at the scene. As a man, other ladies you meet as you grow up is your training on how to treat your woman when you eventually find her. A lady who respects and relates well with her male acquaintances and friends and at the same time maintains her moral standard will surely make a good wife for her man when she is found.
So being able to define relationships will lessen one's burden and sharpen focus. Thanks for reading. 
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