Tuesday, November 10, 2015

He Loves My Body, But Does He Love Me?

My husband love
sex. I give it to him often, but I don't enjoy it. Why? Because I feel he doesn't love me.
Each afternoon when we arrive home from work, I want to talk with him. I want to tell him all about my day, and I want to hear about his.  But he aske\s me no questions and shows no interest in what I've been doing or how I'm feeling.  Instead of talking with me, he tells me: "Bring me tea!" and "Make that kid be quiet!"
Then when we get into bed, he eants me to feel sexy.  I give him sex, but my heart is not in it_ because I knw he doesn't care about me. He just enjoys using my body to satisfy himself.
He finishes in only two minutes.  Then he immediately falls asleep. And I feel like crying because I realise: My husband thinks I'm a body with no person inside.
Often I ask myself, "Why does he hide his thoughts from me? Why doesn't he ever ask my thoughts and feelings?"
Does he love me?

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