Saturday, January 3, 2015

Planning your relationship and working the plan in the New year

Welcome to 2015! 
It is a year of opportunities for relationships to be built and older relationships made stronger. For you to obtain a different and a better result this year, you may need to device a plan for it and start working on the plan. If you hope to start a love relationship, you will have to prepare yourself.
Take time to pray, study the word and seek for advice on the right choice. You equally need to seek for knowledge on what to make a relationship work. Read books on relationship and courtship, thus developing your capacity so you can be an asset to your partner when you eventually meet him or her.
 If you are already in one, you will have sit down to analyse how your relationship went in 2014. What were your successes and failures. What did both of you achieve together; in what ways were you a blessing to your family and friends.
What vision is driving both of you and whether you both are still living by the vision.
This is the time to renew your commitments to each other.  Two are better than one.  So the achievements of both of you this year should definitely be greater than each of you can have if you were alone.
Love is beautiful, but must it comes along with responsibility and accountability.

Whether you are in a relationship with marriage in view or planning to get into one, allow God to lead you because only in Him does a relationship have meaning.
Wishing everyone a happy new year. Love you all.
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  1. Hmm, Pharm Jide in the building. its good to know you start to pursue your dream. thumbs up!

  2. Thanks Pharmacist. I equally get inspired by your blog. Cheers.