Friday, April 24, 2015


Imagine if everyone love one another with true love?
Imagine everyone who knows the bible obeys it?
Imagine every lady that uses her body in return for money were trained in the way of God?
Imagine aborted babies were allowed to live and fulfill destiny
Imagine parents that divorced and leaving the children to have a distorted view of marriage didn't do that
Imagine if there were no sexually abused children who grew up to hate the gender that abused them
Imagine if there were no people sold out to make x-rated films, magazines,pictures and movies
Imagine if every family members love one another and disagreements are handle in love

The list goes on and on.
Don't you think we would have a perfect world? Or at least individuals who choose to live right have his or her own perfect world.
That perfect world that is desirable begins with each of us doing what God's word says is right and avoid everything that is wrong.
Little things matter much with time.
The little things we do right today will go a long way to make a great difference tomorrow.
In conclusion, we can make the world a better place when we all take responsibilities for ourselves and for our loved ones to ensure that moral standard is maintained with the help of God.
I will like to know what you think, please make your comments as I look forward to it.
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