Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hope for the Lost Sons and Daughters

Hi there, good to share thoughts with you again.
I will like to tell you that there is hope for sons and daughters that are yet to be part of God's special plan.
God delights to bring both young and old, male and female, rich and poor into his eternal plan.
Doesn't it sound good that the creator of the earth has a plan for all of us?
We are not a product of mistake but of the magnificent and incomparable God?
This God whose product we are does not change. His administration does not change. Nobody elects him and nobody can vote him out. The psalmist says 'from generation to generation you are God'. 
So when we build our lives around a God that cannot change, we have hope.
Lets think about the Love of Christ at this time. It is the kind of love that leaves 99 sheep to look for just one sheep that is lost as recorded in Luke 15 vs 1-7.
It is the love that welcomes back a prodigal son when he repents and acknowledges his wrong doings.
It is the love that blesses those that crucify him and said that it should not be counted against them because they knew not what they were doing.
There is hope for the lost sons and daughters today. Christ desires to reconcile us back to him.
If anyone heeds his call and surrenders to his leadership, he would obtain forgiveness and peace that pass human understanding.
Have you lost your relationship with God or you have never had one?
Say this prayer with me:
Lord Jesus,
I acknowledge my sins
I have been living contrary to your will
But I have decided to come you today
Forgive me my sins
Cleanse me by your blood
Make me a son (daughter) in your family
Cause to have a reason to live
I believe you have forgiven me
I live by faith from today
In Jesus name
If you said that prayer from your heart, Christ takes it seriously and expects you to believe he has forgiven you.
He is your hope. Join a bible believing church and be committed to knowing him more.
Till another time, take solace in Christ's Love.

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