Friday, April 10, 2015

Designed To Solve Problems

        Good to share with you again today. I am glad you are here. Smiles.
Do you know that every institution we have today is designed to solve a  problem?
The church is designed to solve spiritual problems, training people to fulfill purpose. The bank is designed to help out on money-related issues. The law court is designed to settle disputes. Technology is designed to make work easier and faster. And you wont be surprised if I tell you that we are equally designed to solve problems.
What then should be our attitude when we are faced with problems?
Is it to begin to configure the face all around like you just sucked lime or to break relationship with friends and loved ones?
Or is it time to stop going to church? No There is a way out.
The way out is all about seeing the problem in the right perspective.
Like my spiritual father once advised, 'see every problem as an opportunity to build relationships and to develop capacity'
        The process of getting a solution to a problem is as important as the solution itself.
Consider for example a lady who is well over 30 and yet is not engaged could be so desperate in getting a man that she says yes to just anybody that eventually comes even when she knows he is not the right person.
The process of waiting develops character in her and the ability to maintain good relationship with men and not just with potential men.
When we know that problems will always come up either in relationships or in life generally, but that they are an opportunity to learn and develop, it would make life more meaningful.
        See yourself as a problem solver wherever you are. When you are able to solve problems, your value increases.
And guess what you will be loved by people and God will be happy that you are taking charge of situations rather than allowing situations to take charge of you.
I hope this inspires you? If it does, please share with others.
Till another time, be creative, be problem solver.

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