Saturday, April 18, 2015

A hunter or a gardener? Part 1

This is a question young men need to ask themselves everyday when it comes to dealing with female friends and acquaintances. Do you see ladies as an object to derive pleasure or as a wonderful gift of God that deserves love and respect?

Your strength will not be determined by your muscle or by how many muscle packs you have but by the ability to master female dynamics and to bring out the best in them.
If you are hunter will we know and if you a gardener we will know. For by their fruits (results) you shall know them.
Any man can be a hunter and little worth do they command.
However, only few can be a gardener. They are men of honor and dignity. Men of wisdom that are known in the gate. Well respected and cherished.
Bring out the best in the women you have the opportunity to meet or live with.
In that is your strength measured.
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