Monday, March 16, 2015

Money Talk In A Relationship

Welcome to another week.
Quite a while I share ideas on this blog.
Today I will like to share inspiring thoughts on the importance of  discussing finance in a love relationship.
While the scriptures do say the love of money is the root of all evils, yet money itself is good. Getting as much as possible without allowing it to replace God in preference is a skill partners need to obtain.
Money can afford lovers the good things that can be purchased: right from their first day to the time they get married through the time of childbearing and upbringing to the time they grow old.
When it comes to handling money people can often be divided into savers and spenders.
Do you know which category and your partner falls?
If you don't know you may need to find out; if you do, then you need to know how to go about it so as not to live life paying one debts or the other.  It is good when money is not an issue that cause a rancor in the relationship.
However, I have discovered that in life things do not just work out; somebody somewhere needs to work it. A well-budgeted spending and good cash flow does not happen automatically. It must be planned and executed.
Partners need not shy away from talking about how money comes in and goes out.  Tension begins to mount up when everybody knows that finances are not okay and yet nobody talks about it.
If your partner is a spender and often cares less about the financial position of the relationship, he or she is still lovely just like when you first met.
What is required of you is the wisdom to make him or her see how things can be done better and in such a way that will benefit both parties.
On the other hand, if your partner complains about your spending habit, try and see it from his or her point of view. Don't turn it into an argument or a quarrel. Apply maturity.
Normally it is good for the saver partner to handle the money. Whether it is the man or the woman. It doesn't matter ass long as money is well-managed.
When both partners have financial knowledge it is usually the best.  Financial knowledge or personal finance is not meant only for Chattered accountants or bankers. Everyone should be financially literate.
I hope I have passed across something of importance. Feel free to make your comments.

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