Thursday, March 5, 2015

Love is Responsibility

Love is of God
Contrary to what some might think love is. Love is not an emotion or a feeling that is subject to circumstances.
It is much more than that.  Love is a deliberate action of kindness to others regardless of whether there will be a reciprocal from the other party.

Think of the Love Christ had for you and me.  When we had not known him or did anything that qualifies us, he died for us. Instead of destruction, he offered us life.
He chose to bear the responsibility for our weaknesses and depravity.
He showed the way for the sheep going astray.

His  Love is greater than any love we can ever imagine.  It is this same love he wants us to show to one another. Paul, the missionary told us what love is when he was writing to the Corinthian church. 
One of the things he says about love is that it does not seek its own.  It always has the interest of the other party at heart.
Also Love is kind. Love makes you responsible to the other party. Love cares. love gives.
There is power in Love.
Love someone today with God's kind of Life. Trust him to teach you to love as he wants. And you will never miss it. The more you  love, the more you please God.
Till next post, Love like God.

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