Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Handle Disagreements

A Disagreement is inevitable between two friends. It only shows that two people are different because they have different personality and perceptions.
Disagreements usually happen when both parties see the same thing in a different way. Most times those views are usually complimentary to each other and not opposing.
For example, one party may love to have 5 kids while the other may only want to have 2 kids.
Each of them is right in his or her perception of the right number of kids. However they need to reach and agreement on the number of kids. 
While both partners try to explain why his or her perception or stand is right, disagreement may ensue.
It will take a conscious effort and commitment to reach an agreement.
In another scenario, as the presidential election draws near, it is not impossible that each partner has his or her own favorite candidate. So when each starts to convince the other that his or her opinion of the best candidate it is often an invitation to disagreement.
When people disagree it is because the subject matter is important to both of them. 
Firstly, both parties need to see the matter from the other person's view. Everybody wants to be understood 
including your partner, the person you are in disagreement with.
Secondly, if the disagreement occurs, each party can give it time to cool down rather than trying to win the argument. Winning the argument would not fetch the winner a price, it would only create bitterness and friction.
As much as possible lovers need to avoid arguments. You can disagree and still be agreeable. Sometimes it is okay to engage in some intellectual exercise especially on issues that are important. But this should not bring emotional stress to it.  
There is nothing as good as when partners make a decision that whenever they disagree on any issue it should cause friction. Making a choice to overlook disagreement and agree before it ever happens is the best.
God's grace is sufficient to do it. Being agreeable is a choice. Love is a choice. Choose to resolve your disagreements today and be agreeable.
Till next time, enjoy in the lover's corner.

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