Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3 years Today That My Father Passed Away

As I woke up today, the thoughts of my father filled my mind.  I realize it is 3 years already that he left the family for his heavenly home.
 Whao! How time flies.
 He transitioned from time to eternity.
From mortality to immortality.
I can remember vividly the advise he used to give me about life, serving God, finances, and character.
Towards the end of his life we became closer and I wish he lived longer. Alas he was gone before I knew it.
Few minutes to the time he breathed his last I was beside him on the hospital bed.  I wished it didnt happen.  The thoughts were strong and it was the fact that my father was leaving his wife and kids behind.  It was something he could have prevented if he had the power.
However, painful it was for us his loved ones that he left behind but glorious it is for him in heaven. A place of continual joy and worshiping God.
I love him but God loves him more.
He left a good legacy for me.  He was passionate about excellence and also a truthful man.
he loved to play piano, the passion he transferred to me who also plays the piano for My church Family.
I am forever grateful to God for his life.
I hope to go beyond where he never reached in his life time.  Making impact and fulfilling purpose.
That is my resolution.

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