Friday, July 10, 2015

The Love of God Constrains Us

Hello there, have you ever considered how powerful the love of God is?
The sacrificial love, the kind that is selfless and genuine.
This is the kind of love God asks us to live by everyday of our lives.  
2 Cor 5 vs 14 says For the love of Chris constrains us. Another version puts it this way: For Christ's love compels us. On our own, we would do what seems right in our sight.
However, when we receive the love of God into our hearts our actions and thoughts become guided by the love of Christ. In other words, our motivation switches from selfishness to love-motivated.
Check what you do today and ask yourself; Is it self-motivated or Christ love-motivated?
Would Christ have died for me and you if not for the love that compelled him to leave his glory and became flesh? Love in action!
Would God forgive us our terrible acts when we ask for forgiveness if not for his love that passes human understanding?
Friends, there is a wake-up call to accept the love of Christ and live by it. While there are many things that have replaced people's love for God: money, women, fashion, beauty, power, fame and fortune. God's eyes still run to and fro through the entire world to see who will embrace his love.
Let it be me and you that God would still find among the multitude. 

Further reading: John 3

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