Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two Gifts Women Have That Men Can't Stand

Hello there, I will like to share this based on my observation and the wisdom that can be found in it. 
The time when men overlook their women is over. Women are known to have evolved far beyond their traditional role of cooking and raising children.
They now take responsibilities that were once supposedly to be men's.
This is in no way downplaying a man's role in the society but to see what natural gifts women has that gives them an advantage.
Although, there is no basis for comparing men and women, it will be good to look into women's inherent abilities. They are designed for a purpose.

Firstly, the gift of the mouth.  This is a natural gift that men see in women and they can't match.  Men sometimes conclude in their mind that that is the only thing women have and nothing more. 

However, there is something more to it that can ever be imagined.  It is beyond reason and since men find it difficult to embrace something beyond reason.

Women's verbal complexity is really an advantage that men can not unravel.  
Ability to report situations with details, ease of establishing relationships are just few of the credits that can be given to this gift.

In marketing, this gift is so wonderful that employers commonly employ ladies for this purpose. 
This may not be true of all women though but applies to most women.  While some women have actually harnessed this gift creatively, Oprah Winfrey, being a good example,some have failed to do so.
Unfortunately, for men that are surrounded by women who are not using this gift well, their conclusion will be that women have the gift of the mouth but not for creativity.

Secondly, the gift of the brain.  I personally think that someone who is gifted in words must also be gifted in brain which controls speech. The ability to think fast is what women has that still baffles men. The the wiring of women's brain is complex, so they can multi-task than men.  In today's labour market, which skill is in high demand if not the ability to multi-task?
You  get my point.  Women can no longer be overlooked.  Who would overlook women that are now increasingly taking up leadership positions in companies, government establishments, religious institutions etc.
I work with a large company owned by a woman who equally has investments in other business. It is just one of the many companies in the industry owned by a woman. And this list extends to other industries in the country.

The number of Fortune 500 women increased between 1998 and 2014 as reported by fortune.com. This is no surprise as it only proves that evolution that women are undergoing.  This is a challenge that men need to adjust to and not to resist. What I believe is that these women are assets to men who gets married to them.  Men should not see them as competitors as they are not one. Men need to develop capacities and relevance if they must not feel inferior.

Despite women's gifts and special abilities, men that has developed capacities and relevance will always have a place and relevance wherever they are. Men's leadership cannot be substituted for anything and this starts from the home.  
Surely men cannot stand these gifts, however they can make use of it to complement themselves. A man's wisdom doesn't lie in competing with a woman but establishing a relationship that would make the woman easily want to corporate for the purpose of achieving a goal.  Such goals can be personal or corporate.

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