Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A hunter or a gardner Part 2

Hello readers, thanks for taking your time to read the concluding part of this topic I started some weeks ago.
So I am still talking about what a man becomes in the process of time with regards to how he handles his fiancee or wife. Whether he is becoming a hunter or a gardener.
Whichever one he becomes in the process of time will be evident in his partner.

Segun and Dayo were friends and they got into relationship about thesame time.
While Segun was loving God and nurturing his fiancee in the way of the Lord and giving her attention when she needed it, Dayo was always seeing fault in what her fiancee does. He does not show her good leadership, neither did he bring out the best out of his fiancee.

After both of them had been married, Segun and his wife were committed to God, so were their children. Segun's wife is loving to all including unlovable in-laws.
However, Dayo's wife has become unloving and contentious in the house. Not willing to be committed to the things of God. The house is always 'hot'. The children are confused.
Many things had gone wrong down the lane. 
These happened to Dayo's home as a result of the man he became. A hunter.
Hunters dont get more than what they get at the moment they kill their game.
On the other hand, a gardner invests in what he has at hand and wait until the time he will begin to have 'return on his investment'. His investment attracts praise, glory and commendation.

The grace of God is available for every man who will choose to be a gardner today. 
The kind of man God wanted Adam to be. God helps the man with weaknesses who come before him surrendered. 
To all men reading this, may God help you to become all what He has planned that you become.
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Jide Alo

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