Friday, February 20, 2015

What to Do When Tired of Searching!

    Have you ever heard of somebody introduce himself or herself as this or that and cap to it, says 'single and searching'? Yeah, I know you might have.  Really, so many young people are in this category who really desire to be in relationship but have not found someone.
In fact, some are already tired of being in such state because their expectations to find someone to be in love with is not met. If you are in such state of discouragement, I bring words of encouragement for you.
You might have even lost the confidence of who you are thinking you are not good enough for anybody.
That is not true. Your creator knows you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't try to reduce your worth by such thoughts. 
    Regardless of the number of your friends that are getting married or starting a relationship, there is no cause to panic or fret over your circumstance. There is no comparison in the kingdom. Everyone has their appointed time. 
The wisest king that ever lived says, 'to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.' So to finding the right partner, there is a season.  Also know that each relationship has a purpose.
    While you wait, you need to continue to build capacity as a husband or wife to be. Seek the face of God and know his purpose for your relationship; who your partner will be and why he is giving you that particular person. You can avoid many relationship problems that are being encountered today when at this time you know the why of the relationship.  When the purpose of something is not known abuse is inevitable.
Don't let peer pressure force you to fall into the wrong hands or go into a relationship that is not the best for you? 
Enjoy this time of waiting. Live your life to please God and not anybody.
Get busy with normal daily assignments and responsibility. Take good care of your body as it has a powerful force of attraction or repulsion depending on how you handle it. 
When he or she eventually appears, you will be seen as serious and purpose-driven. 
Thanks for reading this. See you next time.


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