Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 Things Communication Will Do For Your Relationship

It is often said that communication is the life-giving blood of any relationship. This is particularly true in love relationships. Communication is key.  Two people can be in the same relationship and yet see it in two different ways.  What one person sees as important may be seen as unimportant to the other person.  Because individuals have different perspective to the same thing, only through talking about it or sharing the idea does the two people come into agreement.
Never in history of mankind has talking or sharing ideas been made easier and faster like we have it today.
Here are three things about communication I would love to share with you.
1.  Communication will bring your heart closer to him or her more than anything else.  Have you ever noticed that the people you are closer to are the ones you free share things with?  When you break down the barrier of expression of thoughts, feelings and idea with your partner, you sure gonna connect more with him or her. There is no distance in love when hearts are connected.
2.  Communication will bring synergy
Synergy means that two people in a relationship are achieving more than the addition of each person's separate efforts. Each person brings his or her uniqueness to the relationship and when it is well communicated more is achieved.  There are blessings God only give to two people who join force to achieve His purpose that he wont give to individuals that are separate. One shall chase a thousand; two shall chase ten thousand is a well known truth   That is synergy.  It is however the responsibility of the two persons device a plan together on how to achieve it.  God in turn blesses their plans. He brings the multiplier effect on it.
3.  Communication eases life pressure and brings encouragement
Right words at the right time solve quite a number of problems.  One thing that brings significant pressure in life is how to get our needs met.  Needs in relationships are inevitable. Ability to meet needs for as long as possible is a life skill every serious person in relationship ought to acquire. The need for reassurance of love is a lady's major need which the young man must know how to meet with all purity. You can always help your fiancee ease her pressures by listening to her when she shares issues she is going through.
    On the other hand, A young man needs to always know his efforts and care for his lady are needed and appreciated. A young man wants to know that he is making a significant contribution to his fiancee's life and will always want feedback, this is a point of note for the lady. You can always encourage your fiance to do more for you when you communicate your appreciation to him for his past deeds.
Sometimes when pressures from work, family, neighbours, build up in the mind, sharing it with the person that cares usually bring some comfort even if the causative agent is still there.  There is this kind of encouragement your partner gets when you show him or her your approval or backing. Love not communicated does no good.
Thanks for reading this. I wish your relationship better freedom of expression and sharing. Hoping to see you and your partner achieve God's plan for your lives through better communication.

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